THe Bloom Curriculum™

Grow through what you go through.


The Bloom Curriculum empowers students to take the painful experiences of life and choose growth. It is comprised of 8 chapters that go hand in hand with our Bloom Sessions to initiate the process of growing through what you go through, and has been reviewed and approved by multiple Psychologists and LMFT’s.

The Bloom Journal

What Is Your Story?

The Bloom Curriculum Journal contains approximately 30 pages of guided lessons, questions, and exercises that help girls navigate and cope with their bullying experiences. Each lesson includes a time for reading, reflection, and creative expression. The Curriculum Journal is intentionally crafted to create a safe and confidential space for girls to write and share their story.

Inner Bully Journal

Withstand Negative Thoughts

The greatest bully we will often face in our lives is ourselves. The bullying and lies that girls experience from others become their reality and eventually transform into the “inner bully” that is always in our heads. Bloom’s Inner Bully Journal aims to replace these lies with written, self-created truths.

Permission Slips

Give Yourself Permission Today

It’s important to create a safe haven where girls can be free — away from the limits of perfectionism and other standards that society creates for girls. Permission slips set the tone for the Bloom Curriculum by giving girls an opportunity to give themselves permission to care for themselves, be vulnerable, and explore outside of their own comfort zones.

Mood Elevator

Navigate Your Emotions

In the moment during or immediately after a bullying incident, emotions can influence our mood, decision-making capabilities, sense of self-worth, and overall outlook on life. Bloom’s Mood Elevator was created to take all of life’s extreme emotions (good and bad) and help girls navigate back to the realization that they are loved and are enough.

Bloom Tools & Resources

Educate Yourself & Spread The Word

Bloom aims to protect and prepare girls for a world where not everybody is very nice. Equipping yourself with knowledge is one of the best things you can do to increase your awareness of bullying, and be able to spread the word to your friends and family. Bloom’s Curriculum is packed full of different quotes, external resources and reminders around bullying and supporting topics.