Bring the Bloom Program to your organization.

Bring the Bloom Curriculum & Sessions to your school, non-profit organization, or faith-based organization. Below, we talk about the most common kinds of organizations we partner with, along with some details on what partnering with Bloom looks like.


Schools and Educators

School Administrations identify girls and invites them to participate in 8-week sessions led by Bloom.

After-School Programs

Bloom fits into After-School Programs as an extra-curricular activity and opt-in program for interested participants.

Non-Profit Organizations

Bloom partners with non-profit organizations as a supplemental resource and program to their existing programming.

Faith-Based Programs

Bloom works with leaders of faith-based programs to carry out the Bloom program or schedule speaking engagements.


What does a partnership with Bloom look like?

During an initial consultation with your organization, we will determine the best fit for Bloom to integrate into your program. We review curriculum, timelines, codes of conduct, and other logistics together. From there, the program proceeds as 1 hour per week sessions for a 4 or 8-week period with entry and exit assessments for both staff and students. Girls are encouraged to keep their Bloom Curriculum materials as a continuing reminder of the lessons they learned during their Bloom Sessions.


The Curriculum

When you partner with Bloom Foundation, every girl that participates will get their very own curriculum folder that contains all the program’s materials.


Bloom Sessions

Bloom Sessions are 1-hour gatherings where we guide your girls through different chapters of the Bloom Curriculum on a weekly basis.