Meet The Bloom Team

With more than 18 combined years of service in the non-profit sector, Bloom’s team members have brought their skillsets together to shine a new light on the issues of female bullying.


Dear Reader,

The first time I was bullied was in middle school. The girl I sat next to in math class created a username just to bully me online. The second time I was bullied was in college. Someone wrote my name, "Andi Long" and said: “Discuss.” I read over thirty comments on how I was fat, ugly, trash. I believed what they said and fell into depression and developed social anxiety.

If you are going through bullying, you are not alone and you are not what other people say about you.

Over the years, I've grown and learned so much through the pain, and now my heart is called to share these lessons to younger girls experiencing bullying at a deeper, more intense level.

You are welcome to Bloom.


Andi Long

Founder and ceo

Andi Long  — Founder, Bloom Foundation

Andi Long — Founder, Bloom Foundation


The Bloom Team

Kenni Roberson (Co-Founder, Creative Director), Tiffany Erica McCain (Board of Directors), Loren Mittermiller (Board of Directors), Stephanie Kircher, MFT (Advisory Board), Sapphira Ha, MPH, CHES (Advisory Board)

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