The Need: "Put It Behind You"


Bullying comes in the most simple or complex forms, and the need for supportive services for girls experiencing bullying is at an overwhelming high.

For this post, we feature an anonymous girl’s story submission to Pacer Center’s Teens Against Bullying.

“When I was younger I started getting bullied for my name. For people would sat that it is a boys name (I am a girl), but really it is a name for both girls and boys. If I told an adult I would be given the “T” sign (meaning: Tattletale) . So I started keeping it to myself, crying myself to sleep at night, attempting to starve myself, and ect. Then I started getting older and developing a personality. Now obviously there is always going to be a person out there who doesn’t like you. But there were so many people who hated me that I really couldn’t take it. My friend and I had started to drift apart at this time. After about a year and a half we started talking and hanging out again. But it has been 11 1/2 years and the bullying is still going. I’m turning 12 in two months and the bullying is still happening…..”


Bloom Foundation aims to be the answer to these kinds of issues by providing a safe place for girls to be taught how to process and cope through their bullying experiences. Learn more about Bloom Foundation, get involved, or make a donation today to help our mission.

Kenni Roberson