Social Media Challenges


On April 1st, Justin Bieber made a pregnancy joke on social media and then publicly apologized. 15 years ago when someone tried to pull that prank on their friends they would have to dial that person’s phone and individually tell each person – resulting in a small circle that you fooled depending on how much free time you found that day. Justin Beiber has 108 million followers on Instagram.

 Times have changed! The kind of impact that can be made through social media is magnified compared to how news would spread even a few years ago. Teenagers especially are in the thick of it as they grew up with technology, phones, and social media. In that sense, it really is our responsibility as adults to educate and provide tools on how to manage social media. While it can be a tool and does serve to connect us in different ways, social media and cyberbullying can be incredibly damaging – even on a light-hearted day like Aprils Fools.  

In Orange County, Cyber Safety Cop is a great resource to get educated on how to parent in the digital world. He is holding several presentations this Spring at various schools. They are free to attend and very informational!

Bloom Foundation aims to provide a safe place for girls to be taught how to process and cope through their bullying experiences. Learn more about Bloom Foundation, get involved, or make a donation today to help our mission.

Andi Long