Host A "Craft" Night

One thing that has brought me a lot of joy lately is holding craft nights with a few girl friends.

One of my closest friends works at a nonprofit that provides assistance to families with critically ill children and does hand lettering on the side and is amazing at it (@wanderbrushco). Another friend started a space to showcase and share stories of how people create, appreciate, and live more fully (@groovetpe). Another friend is becoming a Child Life Specialist to help support children and their families facing challenging experiences. 

Basically I have friends who are incredible superhero-like women. We all work really hard towards our goals. But what was missing in my own personal life was the space to just get together and create! The first time we met up, we painted plant pots with 99 cent pots from home depot and $1 paint tubes from Michaels. We’ve also made Mother’s Day cards. We are looking at baking cakes on a future craft night.

This all reminded me too of middle school and college times, the times when I went through bullying experiences. In middle school, my favorite nights were getting together with friends and baking brownies and watching Disney movies. I got through negative words people said about me and feelings of low self esteem by being with my people. By measuring sugar and chocolate. By singing along to “A Whole New World”.

In college, I did something similar when I was going through bullying again. I would hold baking nights with my roommate and then we went around and passed it around. Apparently, we weren’t very good at it. I remember one person took a bite and said “This tastes like sand…” While maybe it didn’t benefit others, I do remember it benefiting me. Apparently there are scientific benefits to baking for others as well and it can increase mindfulness, promote personal well being and contribute to connection to others! (Source:

So today, I encourage you if you or your friend are going through a hard time, whether that’s bullying or not, get together and do something together! A bonus would be if you make something to give away. Remember that you have a purpose. You have the ability to brighten someone’s day (as long as your cupcakes don’t taste like sand). You are supported and loved by others. Be with your people and create! I’d love to see what you make as well. Tag @bloomfoundation #hellobloom.


Andi Long