"The Deep Roots Never Doubt Spring Will Come"


A #BloomGirl wrote a poem about Spring while she was attending Bloom Sessions back in October.

“Every year!

Every spring!

Gets better and better.

Seeing the flowers bloom,

Make the air even more fresh!

Seeing them makes spring even better!”

When she first started attending (Bloom Sessions) she was really down. Literally, her head was down. She was facing struggles with pressure, depression, and bullying. But slowly, week by week, she began to open up. What helped was that a lot of our activities were based around writing. For one of the sessions, we talked about coping strategies and how journaling is a really great option. We spent some time journaling and she loved it and wanted more time. By the end, we were able to see that Bloom gave her the space to hear from another person’s story of bullying. Bloom provided the space for her to heal and share her own story. Bloom also gave her space to process in the way she loves to process — through writing. This is just one example of the girls we’ve been able to work with and have had the privilege to see bloom! At the end of the program, she said all girls should take Bloom and “bloom just like how I did”.

Bloom Foundation aims to provide a safe place for girls to be taught how to process and cope through their bullying experiences. Learn more about Bloom Foundation, get involved, or make a donation today to help our mission.

Andi Long