Crisis Text Line Learnings


Crisis Text Line is featured on our Get Help Now page. They are a free, 24/7, confidential text message service for people in crisis. Why we love them: They are saving lives and meeting teens where they live – on their phones. On March 20, Crisis Text line hit 100 million text messages and learned 100 things. Here are some learnings from CTL related to children and bullying.

  • We see the highest number of conversations about bullying on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

  • Our texters age 13 and under are more likely to be of color

  • Our texters age 13 and under are three times as likely to text us about bullying

  • It’s fake news that young people don’t experience severe crises. Our youngest texters (13 years old and under) text us about self-harm at two times the rest of our population.

  • The top five distinct words we see in bullying conversations are: cyber, middle, abused, verbally, and rumor. 

This is fascinating and heartbreaking data. It’s both sad that there are texters age 13 and under but also hopeful that there are resources like Crisis Text Line and Bloom there for these hurting children. Check out our Get Help Now page for more information and resources if you or someone you know is experiencing bullying.

Bloom Foundation aims to be the answer to these kinds of issues by providing a safe place for girls to be taught how to process and cope through their bullying experiences. Learn more about Bloom Foundation, get involved, or make a donation today to help our mission.


Andi Long