Girls growing through what they go through.

Bloom Foundation exists to empower and encourage girls experiencing bullying by teaching them how to process and cope with their bullying experiences. Our vision is for every girl going through bullying to know they are not alone.


The Problem

Why we need to help now

Teenage girl suicides are at a 40 year high. We are losing girls every day to bullying and depression. The bullying climate today has shifted from the past with the development of technology and increase in social media — making bullying more prominent and creating new problems. By intervening today, we can change a life that might have otherwise been lost. 


Our Solution

how we bridge the gap

For someone who is experiencing bullying, they are often told to talk to their parents, a teacher, or a trusted adult. The solution usually only focuses on the bully, and oftentimes victims may face retribution for speaking up. That can be very scary for a student. Bloom’s programming creates a safe space for girls to process and navigate the painful experiences of bullying together.

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Our partnerships

We believe that it takes a community to make change.

We are proud to partner with organizations already making a difference in the community. We are strategic in the partnerships we collaborate with because of their unique approach to empower and equip the youth. We aim to be a supportive service to existing programs in helping their girls navigate and cope with those painful experiences of bullying.


Get Involved.

The need is great, but you can be a part of the solution. There are a number of different ways you can contribute or learn more about Bloom Foundation and our mission to help girls experiencing bullying.

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Make A Donation

Bloom Foundation is inspired by the stories of girls being bullied on a daily basis. Help Bloom "bloom." Help invest in this next generation. Help rewrite stories. Today, you have an opportunity to change lives — an opportunity to be a part of Bloom's story. What will your impact be?

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See The Curriculum

The Bloom Foundation Curriculum was created out of personal experience and reviewed by Psychologists and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists. It is comprised of 8 guided sessions which reflect the process of growing through what you go through.

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Partner With Bloom

Bloom offers an 8-hour curriculum-based program implemented in Schools, After-School Programs, Non-Profits, Churches and Faith-Based Organizations. Find out more about how to partner with us.

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Become A Volunteer

These girls need what you can offer! Bloom recruits volunteers on a quarterly basis. Sign up to be an ambassador, facilitator, or event volunteer. The world needs your light and gifts. Join the family!

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In The Community

We need to prepare our children for a world where not everybody is so nice. Become informed and equipped by keeping a pulse on what's the latest in regards to bullying.

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