Case Study:
Amy Rodriguez

The name featured in this case study has been changed for privacy purposes.

Meet Amy Rodriguez. Amy wears glasses and has a big, friendly smile. She is a freshman at high school and likes learning about other cultures. She attends Boys and Girls Club. Today, we would like to show how Amy transformed and bloomed through spending 8 weeks in Bloom.

Bloom Foundation exists to empower and encourage girls experiencing bullying by teaching them how to process and cope with their bullying experiences. Our vision is for every girl going through bullying to know they are not alone. Bloom is not an anti-bullying organization. Instead, where most organizations aim to prevent bullying, Bloom’s focus is how to process and cope in a healthy way after it happens.

“Bloom doesn’t tell the girls what to do in any particular circumstance... it provides the tools and assistance for them to figure it out themselves.”

— Boys & Girls Club Director


1. Before: Planting the Seed

Amy held back from participating in programs, even Bloom, at first. She struggled with anxiety and basic things like asking for permission or help. Certain days she wasn’t able to do anything. She also had a hard time opening up and being comfortable with others. As a result, she was quiet and kept to herself.

What makes Bloom different?

We are not an anti-bullying organization. Even though kids are taught to report to adults, often times they don’t. Instead of waiting on them to speak up, Bloom creates a safe space where they are comfortable to share what they’re going through, and meets girls like Amy where they are at.


2. During: Watering the Seed

I (Andi Long) remember being like Amy at 13 years old. Unsure of myself and unwilling to raise my hand. Under pressure and wondering where I belong while experiencing online bullying. Over the years, I’ve learned to bloom from hard experiences like bullying. These lessons make up the Bloom Curriculum which has been reviewed by licensed psychologists and therapists.


3. After: Time To Bloom!

After the 8 weeks of Bloom, Amy was less shy and reserved. She became more vocal and sure of herself.

“What I learned about Bloom is that this group is a wonderful place to talk about bullying and what's happening in our lives. I really think that Bloom helps you very much. I am grateful I joined.

— Amy Rodriguez (final bloom session)

A lot can change in a few months, the 6 Month Check In gives Bloom an opportunity to remind the students of what they’ve learned and also provide additional resources as needed.

“I learned more about myself and the people around me and I made new friends. I got out of my bubble, still in it — but not all the time. When you (Andi) came, we got closer. In this organization (Bloom), I believe everybody helped me… I was about to move and felt sad. We had all these activities that make us think about what we’re going through, friends, and the community. I still have it and go through it (the Bloom Journal). I just really liked it and I wish more girls would join Bloom because I enjoyed it. “

— Amy Rodriguez (6 Months later)

“This was a really neat form of empowering Amy. Before Bloom, certain days I can’t get her to do anything but now little things trigger her to open up. Talking about Bloom and being in Bloom triggered that. I see little bursts of light in Amy and have seen her little by little get more comfortable with participating, which has made her more successful at the Club.”

— Boys & Girls club director (6 months later)


97% of girls that have gone through our 8-week program and curriculum have experienced the same transformation as Amy. Bloom Foundation not only helps girls like Amy personally transform, but it also creates and fosters a sense of community. A sense of community is the greatest shield we can offer to someone going through bullying. Girls are already resilient, strong, and beautiful. Using that sense of community, Bloom helps your girls become more of what they already are.