Bloom Foundation: Branding Guide 2018-19

The style guide below is a basic design system for the Bloom Foundation brand. It consists of a logo marks, their uses, color palettes, typography pairings, design elements and imagery categories that will all be used to together to create a consistent and cohesive experience from Bloom across both digital and printed touch-points. It is important that only the elements below are used to represent the Bloom brand. The consistent nature of branding has direct links to a company's success and longevity.

Last Update: Friday, November 2, 2018


The Logo — Primary

The Bloom Foundation logo consists of a tulip flower sprouting out of the word "Bloom." Three petals have been created on the flower to represent the 3 periods of bullying that Bloom focuses on — 1. while it happens, 2. after it happens, and 3. life beyond. This logo is to be used in places where Bloom is being officially introduced, or in larger areas of space. Click a logo below to expand.


The Logo — "Coat of Arms"

This variation of the Bloom logo is a company crest and emblem made of the foundation name and tagline, created to invoke a feeling of tradition, heritage, and longevity. It can be used in places where an official take on the logo is needed for a "stamp of approval," or in areas where a circular version of the logo is appropriate. Click a logo below to expand.


The Logo — Basic

This variation of the logo is miniature, basic and simple in nature, and has been made to stand out in smaller areas where the Bloom logo is needed (such as a website logo). Click a logo below to expand.


Color Palette

The color palette has been chosen to work together with black and white to create a feminine look and feel across the Bloom brand. Froly represents the warm side of the spectrum while Chetwode Blue represents the cool side of the spectrum. Givry represents the Millennial Pink trend, and Mauvelous represents a more traditional pink shade. Lighter shades of these colors can also be used to communicate the brand. Please refrain from darker tints.



The font palette consists of Work Sans Light for headers (with occasionally bolded words), Montserrat Semibold for sub-headers, and Open Sans Regular for body copy. This combination has been chosen to create a clean and simple feeling that is easily readable.


Sample Design Elements

Using the color scheme from above, Bloom's design elements consist of abstract, patterned shapes that can be used on anything Bloom related, such as journal covers, website backgrounds or other marketing collateral. They are meant to be within today's design trends, and are made to neutral and attractive to both girly-girls and tomboys. Click an element to expand.



All Bloom-related pictures should fall under one of the following categories and/or similar keywords: Friendly Girls, Girls at School, Girls Writing, Girls Playing, and Flowers. These categories have direct ties to Bloom's vision, resources, and tools. Images should be as simple in nature as possible. Samples are provided below, click on an image to expand.


If you have any questions about the Bloom Foundation branding, please contact Kenni Roberson at