Bloom Program Sessions

Healing is a group effort.

Bloom Sessions are 1-hour long workshops where the Bloom Curriculum is implemented side by side with middle school and high school girls. Sessions are either held at the partnering organization’s location during after-school hours, or remotely at locations chosen by our facilitators.

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Our sessions are tailor made to specific needs.

The needs of Bloom’s workshops differ from organization to organization. For instance, some organizations may want Bloom to facilitate curriculum activities — others may want us to train their staff to facilitate the curriculum due to the already established relationships with their girls.

We make sure to discuss the particular and unique needs of the workshop in meetings prior to starting.

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The Materials

Bloom Session Materials comprise of the Curriculum Journal, Inner Bully Journal, Permission Slips, Mood Elevator, Pens, Pencils, and more.

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Code of Conduct

The code of conduct is crafted to set the tone of confidentiality, safety, and trust for participants. Each participant signs the code of conduct.

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 The Participants

Participants are middle and high school girls and groups are usually 8-12 girls. Depending on the situation, staff may be involved as well.


October 2017

“I am extremely grateful for Bloom coming to our center and helping our student blossom a bit more out of her shell and show us more of who she is.”

Dianna Valdez, Site Director | Kidworks (Cedar Evergreen)